Good News Today

The process of writing a book is difficult and it is also a magical, meaningful achievement.

So write a book, because happiness without meaning is not good for you. (Hat Tip: The Dish)

There was a brief, amusing moment of an epic hack being publicly shamed on Twitter.

We may soon be able to enjoy burgers, with all their protein and nom-nom-ness, without the need to engage in mass animal cruelty.

Whether you love everything Star Wars, or want to see the franchise destroyed as revenge against Lucas for those vile prequels, Disney/ABC is working hard for you.

I was hoping for someone less white and less male, but whatever. The new Doctor has been announced and he’s a Scotsman.

You can now enjoy new, funny anecdotes from the 2012 campaign. The Romney strategist vomiting over Eastwood’s convention lunacy is my favorite.

Twitter is catching up with other public spaces by working to prevent, and stigmatize, abusive behavior. At least in the UK.

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