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I was working on another “what this blog is about” post that has since turned into three separate posts. Until I get one of them finished, enjoy some good news links and stay tuned for some good reads I’ll link to later.


Former adviser and campaign manager for President Obama, David Plouffe, continues to keep it real on Twitter. Too bad no actual humans read Twitter. Actually, I’m glad nobody reads Twitter.

Thanks to my bringing it to public attention, there is a conversation starting in the press about how much cruelty and pollution synthetic beef could prevent and what it means for vegetarians (and the rest of us).

At last, validation: Mosquitoes really do prefer some people for their meals (I am such a person) – and scientists are trying to figure out why and what to do about it. Perhaps some summer day in the future I will be able to walk my dog without becoming a bug buffet. Also it’d be great if fewer people died of malaria and stuff.

Reading the data differently than these folks, I say this is good news: In the age of the (oddly popular) surveillance state, many Americans are savvy enough not to waive their 5th amendment rights for a question by an unreliable pollster. Bonus good news from same poll: people are drinking less.

Wendy Davis, the badass state Senator from Texas of recent filibuster fame, is considering running for governor in her state.

Better five years late than never: Justice Department suing BofA for securities fraud.

Cory Booker looks very likely to be headed to the U.S. Senate. Now if we could just get him to stop representing for the people the DoJ is suing. And no, I’m not a Democrat, but any sane person in America right now is anti-GOP and pro-diversity in government (the Senate especially needs it).

Enjoy your afternoon!

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