Joseph Campbell of the Day

“I point out to my students that as the ethical humanism of the Greeks developed, their old gods lost stature and force. Their ultimate loyalty was to man. And yet they did not forfeit their primal religious sense of awe before the mystery and wonder of creation. They did not personify that mystery in a being before whom the human spirit should abdicate but, on the contrary, recognized that the supreme manifestation on earth of that same mystery and wonder is the human mind itself, well housed in the beautiful human body.”


Joseph Campbell, in The Mythic Dimension, “Comparative Mythology as an Introduction to Cross-Cultural Studies,” p. 10-11


The Tao of the Day will return next week. This week I’ll be bringing quotes from more modern sources that are aligned, in my view, with Taoism and/or Cynicism. Today’s quote, from the Joseph Campbell Foundation‘s excellent Facebook page, is a delight and very apropos for this blog. Enjoy!

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