Good News, Good Morning!

Here is a whole bunch of good news links I’ve been collecting since last week.

JP Morgan is now joining BofA in receiving some, admittedly ineffectual, accountability from the DoJ. The second link is to a segment of The Daily Show and it is probably the best way to get the good-ish news.

Speaking of accountability, Henrietta Lacks – or at least her family – are finally being asked for permission to study her cells by the medical science community (they’ve been studying Lacks’ amazing cells for decades).

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are working to reduce sentences for non-violent drug offenders. This is an important first step in the fight against mass incarceration and it is a first step towards ending the failed war on drugs.

A judge ruled against the NYPD’s current Stop & Frisk policy. Probably not a lot of change here (read the link), but I guess I’m celebrating first steps today. Any journey of a thousand miles, yada yada…

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is staying awesome. This is the same Toronto mayor who can be seen smoking crack on video. Why is this good news? I don’t know. Perhaps it is nice that Canada has at least one politician who is a jackass on par with American politicians. Rob Ford is no mayor of San Diego, but he’s pretty bad.

Since I mentioned the good news about Limbaugh and Hannity potentially being dropped from a lot of radio stations, I wanted to follow up with the news that Hannity is also likely losing his primetime Fox News show. Megyn Kelly is her own kind of awful, but she is no Sean Hannity.

People are coming around to something I’ve believed for a while: the GOP is likely to blow their chances at retaking the Senate in 2014. Personal prediction: Dems hold Senate and retake the House.

President Obama continues to speak truth in public, calling out opposition to Obamacare as opposition to health care (it is).

Even former Secretary of State Clinton is back on the scene bringing a high profile voice to the fraud of using voter fraud to justify voter suppression.

Last but not least, two items to help contradict the endless government-is-bad talk in the world: It turns out the deficit is shrinking quite well without us abandoning the poor and elderly in the process; And federal agencies are increasingly using the amazing technology of the intertubes to bring science to your living room (or cubicle or wherever you stream video of deep ocean exploration)!

Enjoy your day!

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