Good Morning, Good News

It seems to me there is a lot of good news to link to this morning.

Let’s start with my favorite, California’s new law allowing transgender students to select the bathroom, locker room, or activities team that are congruent with their gender identity.

Hooters restaurants in San Diego have posted signs announcing their refusal to serve Mayor Filner on the premises because they… …wait for it… …”believe women should be treated with respect.” When Hooters calls you out for disrespecting women, you are in a place geologists refer to as “rock bottom.”

The NYPD’s use of Stop and Frisk has been ruled unconstitutional, which is great in and of itself. On top of that, Mayor Bloomberg has reminded everybody what a reactionary, fascist asshole he is in response to the ruling (this is good news because you wouldn’t believe how many people have dreamed of this man being President). Height of irony: Bloomberg’s claim that the police did not get a “fair trial” – gee must be awful to feel like the law is coming down on you without due process, eh Mikey?

If you’re white and having a hard time understanding why Stop and Frisk is bad, The Daily Show has put together a great explanation for you. [Aside: Just for the record, I wrote the above bit about the irony of Bloomberg’s whining before I saw the same joke on that Daily Show segment.]

On a lighter note, Choose Your Own Adventure is getting a 21st century update! Read the link then go contribute on Kickstarter if you like.

Speaking of choosing your own adventure, New Orleans has issued orders to local law enforcement that they ignore requests from ICE to detain undocumented individuals and not let ICE agents into jails.

First Lady Michelle Obama is curating a hip hop album about healthy eating. While the link is to an appropriately mocking article – because really this is pretty funny – it’s also sweet. And it’s important. Obesity is a disease, it is a disease that disproportionately impacts African-Americans, and it is a disease that (often) starts in childhood. So an album aimed at kids that raises awareness of healthy eating is good public service. Kudos to the First Lady. I also think it’s great that a whole generation, who might never have known them, will be exposed to Run DMC.

Europe’s long, deep economic recession is, technically, over.

The Israelis and Palestinians are beginning their first formal peace talks in a while.

Integrity is always good news: The principal of Columbine High School is retiring, two years after fulfilling his promise to stay in his post until the students, who were in kindergarten at the time of the shooting, had graduated high school.

Enjoy your day!

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