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A friend and reader has chimed in about Lunch Link Love being his copyrighted, trademarked, intellectual word property. I could make a claim that I used the phrase first, years ago. Back then this friend didn’t bother to read my Facebook posts, and so if he really loved me he’d know it’s my phrase not his. Instead, I’ll let that little passive aggressive swipe be my only words on the matter… …and today’s Lunch Link Love is dedicated to the same friend and reader, or at least his favorite TV show.

So here it is: An entire Lunch Link Love of links to online content about Breaking Bad.

First, if you don’t already know what Breaking Bad is (wow!), it’s a TV show about a man named Walter White who gets into the meth business in order to financially support his family after he dies from the lung cancer he just found out he had. Except instead, Walt becomes a badass meth kingpin using the moniker Heisenberg. The show airs on AMC, also home of Mad Men.

Watch out, spoilers below if you haven’t seen the show or are behind. I admit: I don’t watch the show (it’s too harsh for me), but I love it as a modern myth and have seen enough episodes (I watched season 4) to know the show is incredibly well-written and well-acted.

A piece on The Daily Beast (most of these links are), from July 2012, by Vince Gilligan talking about how the show almost didn’t happen. This is a good, funny read.

A more recent interview with Vince Gilligan about a plot twist that everybody knew was coming, but nobody thought would happen in the first of the final eight episodes. Again, a fun read even if you don’t watch the show.

Another page offers it’s own Breaking Bad links and synopsis of a number of the theories and predictions circulating online. My favorite: the show turns out to be a prequel to Malcolm in the Middle.

More interesting to folks who want to see this show, or other shows, more available on Netflix streaming: An article on Slate and one on The Atlantic Wire about the show’s full and fast availability on Netflix driving ratings up. Good news for all of us who want Netflix to have more leverage with studios and networks!

Here is a link to a Rolling Stone article with a video of the funny/creepy appearance Bryan Cranston recently made on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

Last but not least among links, provided by the same friend and reader to whom this post – and my piracy of the phrase Lunch Link Love – is forever dedicated: The theme from Breaking Bad played on meth equipment.

And finally, one more video (the say my name scene):

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