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Starting off today with the first-ever reader-submitted good news item! The Oglala Sioux of Pine Ridge have held a referendum to end prohibition on the reservation. That sounds bad, right? Read the article. Pine Ridge is currently getting all of the alcohol, but none of the revenue, it wants from Whiteclay, Nebraska. The current situation is the result of an executive order by President Teddy Roosevelt. It is possible that the referendum will make the situation worse. Read the article! The intent of the referendum is to end prohibition in the reservation so that the Sioux will be able to better control liquor sales and also use the revenue to fund addiction treatment centers.

Tina Fey being back on TV would be great news, but I’ll settle for NBC buying an as-yet-untitled comedy created by Fey and fellow 30 Rock alumni as good enough news.

You may have been wondering recently if North Carolina has just gone utterly insane. Good news is that only the polity is crazy: Among the citizenry the governor is increasingly unpopular and the legislature even more so.

In less than a month, spouses of gay and lesbian soldier will receive all the same Pentagon benefits as hetero spouses. The benefits will be backdated to the DOMA ruling.

Prince is on Twitter! Nuff’ said.

The California Supreme Court ruled unanimously to allow gay marriages to continue in the state. Best quote, for those not clicking the links:

“By now, I suppose we know better than to predict that Prop 8 proponents will actually give up their fight,” San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said. “But it’s certainly fair to say that their remaining legal options are increasingly absurd.”

Seattle stoners, rejoice! The Seattle police – the policewill be handing out Doritos at this year’s Hemp Fest in the city.

[Apologies for the late morning post. My boss woke up early this morning and has been mostly unwilling to let go of my left arm, which makes blogging hard.]

Enjoy your day!

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