Mmm, crow! Breaking Bad edition

Not so long ago I dedicated a post to a dear friend, potential copyright litigant, and Breaking Bad fan. I admitted at the time:

I don’t watch the show (it’s too harsh for me), but I love it as a modern myth and have seen enough episodes (I watched season 4) to know the show is incredibly well-written and well-acted.

Since then my friend sent me this video, which got me rethinking my non-watching of the show:

Just for the record, tulaberries (a) do not actually exist and (b) fictitiously exist in the Delta quadrant, where most of Star Trek: Voyager took place. The Gamma quadrant was on the other end of the Bajoran wormhole in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Presumably, tulaberries were incapable of transwarp travel, which (if it existed) would have been required to seed planets that far across the galaxy with the… …wait why am I still writing about this?

As attractive as the Star Trek scene is to me, there is still the harshness factor to consider. The show is stressful! I need something to help me escape the stress, I decided, if I’m going to watch the final 8 episodes. Then I found this video today (Hat tip: Queerty), a trailer for Breaking Bad reimagined as a gay romcom:

Now I have a happy pretend place to go anytime Walt’s shenanigans get too much cortisol pumping in my body. And on that note, I commit to watching the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. It seems likely I’ll be blogging about that a bit, too. Enjoy.

[Aside: My desire to watch and blog about Breaking Bad has nothing to do with the possibility that it could help drive up page views on my blog. Nothing. At. All. Come on why don’t you believe me?!?]

Bonus: If you’d like to see an animation of that Star Trek story scene from Season 9 Episode 1, Vulture has a great article about how the scene ended up in the show along with said animation:


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