Good Morning, Good News

Starting off with a not-even-news item today, President Obama played golf with Larry David recently. That’s not a US Ambassador who shares a name with the Curb Your Enthusiasm star. It is in fact the very same Larry David. Playing golf with the POTUS. Hopefully all the swans are okay.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey did a good thing today. One of the few somewhat-modern men in a medieval political party, Governor Christie has a habit of cycling between doing terrible things, like recently vetoing gun control legislation, and then doing something good, like signing a bill today banning gay conversion therapy on minors. So let’s focus on today being one of the good days.

Since I tossed a little stale bad news into that last item, let’s check in on a state moving forward on gun control. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a gun control bill into law on Sunday that closes the background check loophole for private gun sales in the state.

Speaking of Illinois moving forward, Queerty has an item (including video) about Groupon’s new public advocacy for marriage equality in the state. Thanks for all the good news today, Illinois.

Queerty also has a story about WWE superstar Darren Young, which I’m including as a follow-up to another recent Good News item.

Speaking of Good News follow-up, the Seattle police were very successful in distributing safety flyers with Doritos attached to the participants at Hemp Fest. It was the first Hemp Fest since Washington state ended marijuana prohibition.

Another item that’s not really good news per se, but it amuses me very much: Texas Senator, ignorant boor, and right-wing fantasy object Ted Cruz has released his birth certificate in response to concerns that he is not eligible to be President.

Last and most entertaining of all, Prince has released the cover art for his new single: a photo of Dave Chappelle dressed up as Prince in a skit from The Chappelle Show. Please, if you only click on link today, make it this one.

Enjoy your day!

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