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Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston with a dog. Image discovered during my desperate attempt to somehow relate the show to Cynicism.

I’m looking at my traffic stats and I’m figuring out which side my bread gets buttered on, so I’ll start with two Breaking Bad links. First up is some delightful, spoiler-free fact-checking by Wonkblog on how the show portrays the meth business. Second is Slate’s TV club spoiler-ridden reviews of Season 5, Episode 9. I am with Bazelon on what made last night’s episode great:

For me, that was the central thrill of this episode. Skyler chose. She chose Walt over Hank and Marie. She chose asking for a lawyer over confessing like a good girl. She chose sin over remorse. Can she still be the show’s moral fulcrum? I don’t think so.

I mentioned gun control in this morning’s Good News and it reminded me to share “We can learn a lot by comparing guns to cars” by Jennifer Gunter, M.D.

Eleanor Clift at The Daily Beast writes about her fellow McLaughlin Group alumni, Jack Germond, who died last week. I grew up watching MTV, NOVA, history shows, Star Trek, and The McLaughlin Group. Germond was my favorite personality on that show by far. I heard a bit on NPR that he retired during the Bush/Gore campaign because he couldn’t take either of them seriously as candidates. I hope that’s true.

The Baltimore Sun reports on the findings in a University of Maryland study linking mass bee deaths with home pesticide usage. I want to emphasize that this is not necessarily the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, but it might turn out to be related. Resist the urge to over-interpret science in the news!

Alexander Abad-Santos has a helpful piece at The Atlantic Wire about how drinking coffee is going to make you immortal and also kill you early.

Teleportation is probably not ever going to happen (via Slate, of course). Sorry. And really the existential questions involved are mind-boggling (it’s not you! it is a copy of you! you you just got vaporized!) so it would be nice if the technical difficulties just took the whole topic off the table.

I’m going to stop there or I won’t even get this posted before Pacific-side folks eat lunch.

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