Regarding comments

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Do. Not. Feed.

I haven’t received much reader feedback or comments yet, but what I have received is a few versions of this question:

Are you going to enable commenting directly on the site?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: On the one hand, I really want the blog to include a dialogue with readers. I’d love to be able to post and respond to at least one or two questions or comments every day. On the other hand, I believe that unmoderated comment sections are a public nuisance. I want to cultivate a dialogue with my readers, not provide a platform for trolling. Combine that with my lack of time to moderate comments and ta-da, no commenting directly on the site.

I do really want your comments, questions, suggestions, good news, good reads, and anything else you’ll share with me because you think it is relevant to the blog. I have decided to seek your input by email or by the form below. I have time to read and respond to the good stuff and will do so.

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