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Good Morning! My boss is awake. I can hear him through my state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, practicing all the ways he will tell me “NO” and “I want that” today. So let’s get this Good News done before the hollering begins.

A company in Boston, DrinkSavvy, Inc., is developing cups and straws that will change color when date rape drugs are present.

TPM notes a Rasmussen poll finding that 82% of Americans believe the United States is losing the so-called “War on Drugs.” Yeah, when you fight a war against your own people, you pretty much have to lose. Let’s be glad 82% of Americans are noticing.

Since I’m already on the topic of prohibition, here’s a link to a write up of the 5 reasons why law enforcement groups are increasingly among the supporters of efforts to legalize and regulate cannabis. This stuff isn’t just good news for cannabis users, it is good news for all of us opposed to mass incarceration.

The United States has discretely terminated most military aid to Egypt. This is in the wake of the recent violence in the country that has erupted between supporters of elected-despot Mohammed Morsi and unelected-despots in the Egyptian military after the military deposed Morsi in a coup. A publicly supported coup, but still.

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is coming October 1st. August is the month for Town Hall Rage Fests and the teabaggers were hoping to rekindle that fire this year. The good news is they have failed! It looks like the United States is going to be providing near-universal health care soon. At last, we’ve joined the mid-20th century! It’s fine if you don’t agree with me [no actually it’s not fine wtf is your problem], but maybe let this former Republican campaign operative convince you Obamacare is a good thing.

Enjoy your day! Be sure to come back for Lunch Link Love and really I swear I’m going to finish a non-link based post today, too. I swear! [really I mean it]

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