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What you don’t prosecute won’t hurt you… …or the law abiding citizens of California, Washington, Colorado, et al.

Good Morning! Let’s start with some Good News about the end of prohibition. Dylan Scott has a piece at Talking Points Memo with word from officials in Colorado and Washington who believe they have tacit approval from the Justice Department to proceed with legalization. You may also remember Attorney General Eric Holder’s recently announced Smart on Crime initiative. Things are looking better. If nothing else, it is nice to see states’ rights invoked for purposes other than oppressing ethnic and sexual minorities.

It’s a bizarre world we live in when World Class Jerk Terry McAuliffe leading in polls is good news, but hey it’s a bizarre world we live in. In other good news from polling, which I can be less ambivalent about since it doesn’t involve Terry McAullife, Mary Landrieu is looking good to help Democrats hold the senate in 2014.

Queerty has the scoop on marriage equality efforts in Hawaii, which look likely to succeed in a special legislative session this Fall. This bit of history in the story I want to quote for those not clicking the link:

It’s been a long journey for marriage equality in the Aloha State. In 1991, three couples sued Hawaii, claiming that their rights under the state constitution had been violated. A plurality of the state Supreme Court ultimately agreed that the state couldn’t withhold marriage licenses from them. The religious right ginned up its machinery, and a constitutional amendment was passed in 1998, making the case moot. At the beginning of 2012, the state formally recognized civil unions, in a bit of belated catch up. Passage of a marriage equality measure would complete the circle for the state and make it the fourteenth to legalize same-sex marriages.

Way to go Hawaii, and way to go Hawaii State Supreme Court from 1991! In related news, the United Nations Human Rights office is increasing advocacy on behalf of LGBT citizens in several countries, including Russia.

Tell me that imagining Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia playing Resident Evil 4 together doesn’t bring a smile to your face.

Perhaps the best news I saw this morning: A helicopter, acting on the last will and testament of a recently deceased Delware resident, showered $10,000 on the folks lucky enough to be at the Lewes marina that day.

Enjoy your day – and watch out for cash falling from the sky!

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