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Apologies for the lack of link love and other blogging yesterday. I decided to take my boss to a local marriage equality campaign event in the afternoon. I don’t know yet if he was the cutest ally kid or the cutest gay kid there, but I know he was the cutest kid there! I was glad to see everyone there and delighted by how many other straights and kids were at the event. Find out more about Freedom Indiana by clicking this link.

Speaking of marriage equality: After an urgent legal request to be allowed to marry from a couple in Pojoaque, New Mexico the Dona Ana County clerk began issuing marriage licenses for same sex couples. Queerty has the story and this excerpt from the clerk’s statement:

“Any further denial of marriage licenses to these couples violates the United States and New Mexico Constitution and the New Mexico Human Rights Act,” Ellins said. “Dona Ana County is upholding New Mexico law by issuing these marriage licenses, and I see no reason to make committed couples in Dona Ana County wait another minute to marry.”

Nice move, Dona Ana County clerk!

A man walked into a school with an AK-47 and a lot of ammo and nobody diedThe school book keeper talked him out of killing any one. Relative to a gunman walking into a school at all, this is very good news. (second link has video of interview with the heroine)

One of the really cool features of Waze is now coming to Google Maps, which is great because lots of people actually use Google Maps.

The Euro-zone is continuing its slow, but real, economic recovery.

My boss is awake and calling. Alas, there isn’t any other good news today. Stay tuned for a larger-than-usual Lunch Link Love today.

Enjoy your morning!

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