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Come on, give us a hirsute Batman. Pleeeeaaaaaase

Good Morning! I’m pleased to be [not at all] the one to break the news that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman. That link has the scoop both on the casting and on the resulting Twitter meltdown. Let me break down for you why my fellow nerds are wrong to be freaking out:

Yes that’s right, the longest, most-link-having Good News item ever just happened and it was about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. I’m sure Diogenes of Sinope is rolling in his bathtub grave. Moving on…

Speaking of ordinary men who achieve superhero like feats, President Obama continues to resist political pressure and the gravity of 60 years of the imperial presidency in order to keep us from getting embroiled in either of the two currently fashionable civil wars in the Middle East. [seriously people, what would we do?]

In other good news from the Obama Administration, the DoJ is suing Texas for the obvious voter suppression efforts in the state and the President’s new college ranking system proposal is out. If passed by Congress [uuuuhhhh that’s a pretty big if, dude] this ranking system will go a long way to reduce both the cost of higher education and the debt load of students.

Reuters has a story on the New York City Council’s votes to curb police power. This is in addition to the recent ruling against how the NYPD uses stop and frisk.

Lastly, I’ve been a Colin Powell fan since the first Gulf War. [give me a break I was pretty young and I watched a lot of G.I. Joe before that] I was happy to read that he shamed the North Carolina Republican party and its minority voter suppression efforts with N.C. Governor McCrory present.

Enjoy your morning!

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