Lunch Link Love, Breaking Bad edition

The price is wrong, yo!

Happy Friday! Yes that is a gif of Aaron Paul on The Price is Right.

A reader writes:

I’m now caught up with my BB reading… bring it.

Ask and ye shall receive! Since Sunday is Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10 [and hey it’s been five days since I last whored for page views] here is a good fix of BB links to help sate your cravings. Don’t read if you (1) don’t like spoilers and (2) aren’t caught up on the show.

Kirsten Acuna at Business Insider [wtf Business Insider? I guess I’m not the only one riding this page view gravy train] did a nice round up of the tweets and videos by fans of the show who got to talk to Aaron Paul last weekend. Paul tweeted he would call the first ten fans to tweet him back. Some of them recorded the calls on video, check it out.

One more from Business Insider, this one being at least a bit business-related: How much Walt’s pile of money is worth.

Look it up, it’s science!! Jezebel has a fun little post about the show’s scientific advisor. It’s a synopsis of an interview with the scientist, Donna J. Nelson Ph.D., over at Scientific American.

Slate’s TV Club now has three entries talking about Season 5 episode 10, “Buried.” Those of you watching episodes 9 and 10 over and over again [you know who you are] may find it less lonely to read along with the Slate folk.

Spoiler Alert! The show ends with Heisenberg going into witness protection under the fake name “Bryan Cranston” as he starts a new family and advocates for marriage equality:

I save the best for last because I want you to read it all! The Guardian has the scoop on five things Vince Gilligan told Charlie Brooker at the Edinburgh TV festival. The Guardian also had a good write up back in April about the pros and cons of a Saul Goodman spinoff show. [my take: pro – stars Bob Odenkirk, con – would almost certainly end up sucking]

You can find previous posts with clips and links to Breaking Bad content here, here, and here. Come back on Monday afternoon and I’ll have another dose of Breaking Bad links to help with your come down. [the first step is admitting you have a problem; the second step is to like the Doggery’s Facebook page so I can better enable you]

Enjoy your weekend!

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