Good News for your Good Morning

We’re only going to bomb them a little bit. Just this much.

Welcome back, readers. I’m still not caught up on Breaking Bad episodes and links from the past few weeks, but at least the Good News is happening again.

It’s hard to find Good News right now due to the abundance of stories about the imminent bombing of Syria (click Continue Reading below to skip the Syria stuff). Here are the bright, carrot-like chunks of good news in this otherwise steaming pile of interventionist poo: President Obama has asked Congress to approve the strikes and even said he will not strike without Congress’ approval; Congress – in a rare case of dysfunction so deep and pervasive that it begins to resemble function – is skeptical of, and not likely to back, the President’s proposed strikes; British MPs defeated the Prime Minister’s proposal for intervention; the EU decided to back the strikes in principal, but will wait for UN inspectors to report before acting; now even the US is talking about waiting for the UN report; and even if we do end up intervening it’s good to know there are still some identifiable “good guys” among the Syrian opposition forces we would be “helping.”

Obviously, I’m opposed to the strikes. On the one hand I recognize the need to maintain and enforce the global ban on chemical weapons. On the other hand we can’t afford another war, it’s not our job alone to enforce this stuff, and could we please just stop finding any reasons to bomb Muslims, especially in the Levant. I have not yet watched or read any of President Obama’s remarks on the matter. Perhaps like Andrew Sullivan I could be somewhat swayed by doing so. I’d also love to get a dialogue going with reader input, if you would kindly take a moment to email or submit your thoughts.

Moving on…

I just learned that there is a place called Equality House located across the street from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. Apparently, they stage counter-protests around the WBC. Fantastic!

I posted previously that the DoJ was giving a tacit green light to states with legal recreational and/or medical marijuana. A new policy statement makes it official. Bonus: Even John McCain is getting sympathetic to ending prohibition.

If you can’t wait for prohibition to end in the USA, it’s a good time to take another trip to Amsterdam and see the new Van Gogh painting on display at the Van Gogh Museum. [seems odd calling it “new”]

Conservatives in and out of the GOP are working hard to eat their own and help the Democrats hold the senate next year. Bonus: Allie Jones at The Atlantic Wire has a story on the never-ending disaster of Michelle Bachmann’s campaign for President. [hey dude this feature is called “good news” not “schadenfreude news”]

Wrestling is officially an Olympic sport again, which is good because it was one of the original Olympic sports. [now if we can just get some respect for Pluto again…]

The USA can look forward to bringing home more Olympic gold (and less obesity and heart disease) thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama’s continued work on Let’s Move, now with corporate support and a growing initiative among the nation’s schools to promote daily exercise.

In Obamacare news, yet another study has shown that premiums will not only be below hair-brained doomsday projections, but even below sober-minded CBO projections. This thing is going to work, folks.

Enjoy your morning!

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