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I’m with stupid.

Good morning! My boss is awake and hollering so this is going to be a quickie.

Unfortunately it’s still all-Syria all-the-time at the sites I usually surf for good news. Fortunately, the Syria story has taken a turn for the better. And I get to make fun of Secretary Kerry. God bless.

Secretary Kerry made a gaffe yesterday that is awful, funny, and potentially war-averting. While responding to a question, Secretary Kerry mused that Assad could avert air strikes by handing over all of his chemical weapons to the international community within one week. The first link is to the story at The Dish, which has my favorite bit of analysis:

I’d have thought a pretty basic qualification for being secretary of state is not to air hypothetical ideas in a public forum that the US does not intend to pursue. But Kerry, who is already doing a huge amount to make Hillary Clinton’s tenure at Foggy Bottom look magisterial, winged it.

Wait, wait, this story gets better! Since Kerry’s gaffe, the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has made a proposal based on Kerry’s musings. Former Secretary Clinton embraced the idea as “the Kerry proposal” in her first public remarks on potential strikes against Syria. President Obama has said potential strikes are on hold while the idea is explored. France plans to bring a resolution to the UN. All of which is politically helpful for President Obama as public opinion is moving sharply against the strikes.

If you want more Syria-related news and commentary, I encourage you to check out the Syria coverage over at The Dish. Lots of good stuff about the efficacy or lack thereof of air strikes, lots of aggregated perspectives on potential strikes, and other interesting non-punditry.

The only other good news I could find this morning: Hawaii’s governor is calling a special session the the state’s legislature in order to pass a marriage equality bill into law. That’ll be 13 states plus Washington D.C. with marriage equality. Get some info about Hawaii’s history with marriage equality from this previous Good News post.

Enjoy your morning!

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