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Yes, please.

Alexander Abad-Santos has a piece up on The Atlantic Wire about Ellen Page being cast to play Tara Chace in a film version of Queen & Country. The piece also debunks all the myths that Hollywood execs use to avoid making movies about female superheroes.

This is definitely good news. Comic book movies, much more than comic books themselves, have emerged as the dominant pop mythology of the 21st century. The problem has been that these films tend to be a sausage-fests. Even the original X-Men movies – full of strong, popular female heroes – failed to really bring the women to the fore other than to portray Rogue needing rescuing (not helpful) in the first X-Men and Jean Grey going batshit (not helpful) in the god-awful X3. The more recent X-Men: First Class did better with Emma Frost, Mystique, and Moira MacTaggart playing big roles, but even that movie was essentially a bromance between young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. Hopefully, this Queen & Country film will get made, be successful, and be the beginning of a slew of comic book movies featuring powerful, admirable female superheroes.

Speaking of exciting movie genre news, Andre 3000 is Jimi Hendrix in a new biopic that’s getting some good reviews. I hope to see this soon as I’m a fan of both Andre and Jimi. (Hat tip: The Root)

Voters in New York City have redeemed my faith in humanity by defeating both Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer in their respective attempts to return to public office.

Speaking of improving faith in humanity, go get misty-eyed by this item on Queerty about a gay marine’s going-away present from his unit. Remember all that bullshit about how if we end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell it will hurt unit cohesion? Yeah, it was bullshit.

In good tech news, for all of you who have been wanting a blingier iPhone, you can now get a gold iPhone 5S. I’d love to post a link about cheap iPhone good news, but there isn’t any. The iPhone 5C isn’t actually cheap, it’s just half-as-expensive as the 5S. Half as expensive != cheap.

Enjoy your morning!

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