Good News for your Good Morning

Uncle Sam wants YOU … not to die in Syria!


The Syrian Civil War and lack of American military intervention is back in the Good News column. It appears the US and Russia have worked out a plan and made a deal. As Andrew Sullivan points out, this is a big deal:

Obama has managed to insist on his red line on Syria’s chemical weapons, forcing the world to grapple with a new breach of international law, while also avoiding being dragged into Syria’s civil war.

Sullivan goes on to mention how this could be a blueprint for an eventual deal on Iran’s nuclear program. I think it’s a big deal for the very simple reason that the world is once again having to grapple with an American President who knows how to deal without deploying munitions. This is called statecraft, folks.

In other Obama administration good news, Larry Summers has withdrawn from the running to be the next Fed Chair. This is good news both because Larry Summers is an asshole and because he is full of bad ideas. Peter Beinart believes this a big victory for the “new left” and supporters of Janet Yellen.

Yellen, currently serving as the Fed’s vice chair and the other front runner for the Fed chair position, still faces some obstacles. My opinion: Yellen is qualified and has been on the right side of recent history. Questions of temperament and leadership style are where sexists go to get away with being sexist. Yellen is qualified and knows what needs to be done. Give her the job, please.

[hey the boss is calling, quit pretending you know about Fed policy and get this thing wrapped up!]

Teens are eating better and exercising more! They’re also spending too much time looking at glowing screens, but they’re eating more vegetables and fewer Cheetos while they do it.

Good Nerd News: Richard Feynman’s famous undergraduate physics lectures have been released online!! [dude did you just say “famous undergraduate physics lectures” because there is no such thing] You can access the lectures via a highly useable HTML interface, just click here.

Enjoy your morning!

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