Mega Good News, Part I: Entertainment News

Who has an iPad but not a standard leveling tool? Syrian rebels, that’s who. This isn’t good news. I just think the picture is amazing.

Good Afternoon, readers. There is quite a bit of good news to catch up on. I decided to break it into three parts. Entertainment, of course, comes first.

First and foremost, the word is in and it is good: The final episodes of Breaking Bad will be 75 minutes long. Hooray! That’s an extra 30 minutes of “oh my god oh my god what’s s/he going to do next?!?!” [yeah it’s also 30 more minutes of adrenal fatigue, dude]

Be sure to set your DVRs accordingly and feel free to skip commercials, as this judge has ruled is your solemn, constitutionally protect right. [well at least it’s not illegal anyway]

As has been mentioned on this blog before, there is a disconnect between the reticence of old men to make female superhero movies and the eagerness among male and female moviegoers to see female superheroes on screen. Good news: a short film about Agent Peggy Carter is accompanying the Iron Man 3 DVD release. Agent Carter was one of the highlights of the 2011 Captain America movie. Even better news [seriously it took you a paragraph to get to the best part, wtf?] Agent Carter may get her own TV show! If this happens, I sincerely hope Hayley Atwell continues to play the part.

Last two pieces of entertainment news are small, but fun.

First, actor Jeff Bridges said out loud what everyone who saw the trailer thought: R.I.P.D sucked. This is good news because wealthy, white men publicly admitting failure is a rare thing; it needs to be encouraged. Way to go, Lebowski!

Second, actor Patrick Stewart just got married. [It was really hard not to write “Captain Picard just got married,” wasn’t it?] The wedding was private and officiated by actor and Knight of the British Empire, Sir Ian McKellan. Click on that link to see Stewart, the bride, and Magneto all looking very happy. Click the link. Do it now.

Enjoy your afternoon!

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