Mega Good News, Part II: Catholicism, WOW!

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Welcome to Part II of today’s Good News trilogy. Click here if you missed Part I: Entertainment News.

The good folks over at The Daily Show recently did a segment on Pope Francis’ remarkable humility and acceptance. [remarkable for a Pope, at least] It can get you all caught up on Pope Francis recent words and deeds that have caught attention (also, it is funny):


And now today we find out that in a recent, in depth interview Pope Francis criticized the Church’s focus on abortion, contraception, and homosexuality and argued that the Church needs to find a “new balance” and be a “home for all.” [wouldn’t it be nice to also post a link to his comments condemning child abuse and promising accountability and reforms? oh wait, that’s never going to happen.]

Desmond Tutu is the hipster of Christian officials supporting equality – he was doing it before it was popular. He is still doing it, most recently saying that supporting equal rights for gays is one of the most pressing issues for Christians.

Wouldn’t it be something to see the Anglican and Catholic churches become forces for equality? [yeah, that’d be something – also, less child abuse would be good]

Enjoy your evening!

Update: This post has been corrected thanks to a reader comment! I’m so excited I got a reader comment! [that’s not sarcasm, folks, he’s really excited!]

Invisible M wrote to let me know that Desmond Tutu is not a Catholic Archbishop as I assumed, but is in fact a retired Anglican Archbishop. As someone who has watched all four seasons of The Tudors, I should remember that the Anglican church also has archbishops. My bad, and thank you again to my reader for pointing out my error.

Update 2: Daily Show video embed has been fixed. Apparently WordPress trusts Hulu, but not Comedy Central, as a source of embedded media.

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