Good News for your Good Morning

Good News: This picture exists. I do so love bowler hats.

Let’s start with something that seems like bad news, until you think about it for a minute. Rand Paul, the elvish revolutionary fantasist and junior senator from Kentucky, has said he believes the GOP is winning just like Charlie Sheen was #winning. That’s right, Senator Paul, the GOP is much like Charlie Sheen and your sense of winning is analogous to his. Of course this is because Charlie Sheen was having a public meltdown, which he later regretted, but even at the time everyone else knew he was a disaster. Hey that reminds me, the congressional GOP has a 68% disapproval rating. Congrats on #winning! Now for some actual good news…

The Obama Administration is pushing forward with new rules and regulations for coal power, as previously mentioned here. Summary: we will all breathe easier and live longer. That’s good news.

In other President Obama news, POTUS may meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the UN General Assembly next week. As mentioned yesterday, the recently elected Iranian President seems to be interested in improving Iran’s international standing.

I recently wrote that it counts as good news any time wealthy and/or old and/or powerful white men admit failure and acknowledge mistakes. Ergo it is good news that Steve Ballmer has admitted a number of the failures during his tenure as CEO of Microsoft. [now if we could just get the CEO of a gun manufacturer to admit that the blood of children is on his hands]

Many good news posts have linked to stories about marriage equality and the ever-changing legal landscape for married gay couples. More good news: an LGBT law firm has opened up in New Orleans with a focus on helping gay and lesbian couples navigate all those legal matters in order to receive all the available benefits of being a married couple.

Enjoy your morning!

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