Louis C.K. of the Day

After last Friday’s poll, and a most excellent appearance on Conan that same day, Louis C.K. has been selected as the philosopher of the week. This week will feature clips of Louis CK in his most philosophical moments.

Louis C.K. – “You are lucky to live sad moments.”


About a year ago, it occurred to me that I trust Louis CK as a philosopher the way I trust Jon Stewart as a news anchor. I’d put it to either one of them something like this: “Hey, I know this isn’t what you think you’re doing, but you’re doing it and you’re the only honest guy in the room.”

To relate this clip of Louis to Cynicism remember that a central tenet of the cynics is that virtue is a practice, not a theory. One must train one’s mind and body. Diogenes of Sinope liked to roll in hot sand and cold snow. Louis CK pulls over to stand before a tidal wave of sadness. This is Louis’ point about not giving kids cell phones: it will interfere with the practice of being human and the development of the essential human virtue: empathy.

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