Good News for your Good Morning

Food is always good news.


A wedding being canceled is bad news, or good news if the couple would have been unhappily married. At any rate, the planned reception being donated to feed 200 homeless folk is definitely good news! It’s the one good news item I could find today, thanks to The Root. The reception was donated to a charity called Hosea Feed the Hungry (scroll down to the bottom of the page to donate via PayPal).

The Doggery recently posted a collection of Pope Francis’ recent controversial (in a good way) statements. Not included in that post were two posts over at The Dish by Andrew Sullivan, a Catholic bear. Sullivan is excited by Pope Francis and what he sees as The Rebirth of Catholicism and the resulting Theocon Panic. Both posts are worth your time on a slow good news day.

Be careful – plenty of bad news out there today. Don’t make the mistake of believing it’s important to you. It’s actually just harming you, a lot.

Enjoy your morning!

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