OMGWTFBBQ! Breaking Bad Links and Discussion

Achtung! This post is spoiler free until you hit Continue Reading – then it is spoilers galore. Come on, you know you want to. [no, really you want to – spoilers should be called sweeteners, anyway]

So… …yeah. There are some problems. We’ll discuss them after the jump.

Welcome back, fellow Breaking Bad fans! Whether you’re a Diogenes-come-lately to the show like myself, or a long time watcher, this post will have something for every fan to enjoy. Speaking of my beloved readers, one wrote in during my break:

Dear Anonymous Blogger,

You promised Breaking Bad links on Monday… It’s Wednesday and still no love! I’ll never trust or love again.  Sigh.

Do you feel abandoned and betrayed? I guess that makes you my Pinkman, bitch! Maybe you should call me Heisenblogger. [dude, really? you better get started on the links before you drive away the pageviews]

Even though, as linked at the top, I believe spoilers are sweeteners I understand that many folks disagree. Netflix has your back with this new tool to avoid Breaking Bad spoilers on Twitter.

If you like awards then you’ll be glad to know Breaking Bad won Best Drama at the Emmy’s on Sunday. If you like numbers (96% purity!) there are some stats over at The Wrap on Breaking Bad’s best ratings night ever. If you like collectibles, take a look at some Breaking Bad souvenirs being auctioned off.

If you like to watch the show on iTunes, but have been bitter about paying for season 5 twice, then rejoice! Apple is doing the Right Thing:

…we’d like to offer you “The Final Season” on us by providing you with the iTunes code below in the amount of $22.99.

The funniest part is that Apple seems to be not-so-subtly blaming AMC for the whole thing:

While the names of the seasons and episodes associated with them were not chosen by iTunes…

It’s like accountability, but without the accountability!

If you’re like me, the last few episodes have been stressful. Take a break and enjoy 13 minutes of comedy gold from Jimmy Fallon, Joking Bad:

Moving on to the good stuff – beware of spoilers.

Before I get into spoiler-filled links, I have some spoiler-filled comments to make about the most recent few episodes. I think a bulleted list is called for, in no particular order:

  • Jesse was stoned and stressed on his way out of town; there is no way that he stops thinking about how “my life just ended and I’m disappearing” long enough to have a bunch of trivia constellate in his mind and then BOOM! He realizes Walt poisoned the kid. No. Way.
  • Speaking of no way, there is no way Hank Schrader is dumb enough to try to take down somebody as dangerous as Heisenberg on his own, out in the desert.
  • Of course the kings of “no way” are the Nazi guys. Uncle Jack, his gang, and his fondness for his nephew are the lazy storytelling device of choice for these final episodes. They deserve their own bulleted sub-list… …but I don’t know how to make WordPress do that, so… (1) No way they leave Heisenberg alive with a barrel of cash after killing one of his family members; (2) No way they leave Jesse alive for any reason; (3) No way they continue to cook meth and risk getting busted for that when they’ve got 70 million dollars in cash. (4) Revisit items 1 and 3. (5) Wow, it’s just way too convenient that right here at the end we meet a group of villains so vile, so twisted, and so cold-blooded that we would end up rooting for Heisenberg as the (relative) good guy.
  • Getting out of plot-twist incredulity mode, shifting into theories about final episode credulity mode… …so the M60 is for Jack and his gang, right? If Heisenberg is captured during the shoot-out is the ricin for him and Jesse – or is the ricin for the couple who forced WW out of Gray Matter (see link below)?
  • Prediction: Walter White is dead, but the family man narrative is not. Heisenberg is a family man too and Jesse is his only family. I believe he’s going back for Jesse just as much as he is going back to get rid of those Nazis, the only remaining lethal threat to his former family.
  • Fantasy: The whole show is about Walter White becoming Heisenberg, but it’d be great to see some flashbacks about how the man became Walter White.

I’d love to get some reader comments and/or emails in response to these points! I will post and respond to comments if I get some.

The fantasy I just mentioned for flashbacks in the final episode is the result of me reading June Thomas’ most recent entry for Slate’s TV Club. Over at The Daily Beast, Andrew Romano wrote about how WW is dead and only Heisenberg remains; it’s a thoughtful analysis of the penultimate episode.

Last but not least, Andrew Ross Sorkin actually wrote a fake column for the NYT online after a reference was made to such a column in the fake Charlie Rose Show in Sunday’s episode.

Enjoy your week and the final episode on Sunday. I won’t be seeing it until Monday, so expect another Breaking Bad post here on Tuesday. If you missed them before, previous Breaking Bad posts on the Doggery can be found here, here, and here [<– by far your best BB post]

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