Good News, Happy Friday Edition

Jon Hamm with a fantastic beard and a snow leopard. (h/t The Dish)

Happy Friday, readers! Here is a quick recap of some good news from the last few days.

It makes me feel good, deeply good, to know that our collective fear of death (inflicted most cruelly on the dying) may be beginning to alleviate. According to Bloomberg and The Atlantic Wire, there is an emerging trend of “death dinners, designed to lift the taboo around talking about death” and make end of life decisions easier for the dying and the living. There is even a website to help you plan your own Death Dinner.

This is news both somber and good. On a personal note, I was very close to my maternal grandfather; he died alone in a room at a nursing home a few years ago. Just over a year later, my beloved dog died in my arms, at home, surrounded by a circle of friends and family. A man ought to be able to die better than a dog, not the other way around. This is something that has to change in our culture, and big kudos to the folks throwing these dinners and to the folks attending them.

The MacArthur Foundation’s genius grants have been awarded for 2013. The grants are refreshingly diverse, with a number of African-American, LGBT, and women fellows among the 24 selected this year.

As one White House aide made clear, the Obama Administration will not be negotiating away duly passed legislation, the constitution, or the principles of representative government just because the House Republicans have turned into legislative terrorists. Update: In his remarks this afternoon, President Obama made the same points (using much more political language, as is his job) [aw come on you know you wish he would just tear into these whack jobs]

Speaking of those remarks, the President of the United States and the President of Iran spoke for the first time since 1979 and it seems to have gone well. The President also updated us on the good news regarding Syria and the UN security council.

As mentioned previously, I love accountability for white men and banks. [what’s the difference?] Today brings news that JP Morgan may face the largest bank fine in history. [hey it’s at least two or three drops out of their bucket this time]

Last and happiest, a judge in New Jersey has ordered the state to start issuing marriage licenses to gay couples by October 21st.

Enjoy your weekend! Stay tuned for more Breaking Bad links and discussion before the final episode airs on Sunday.

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