Good News Special Edition: Obamacare Cometh!

The synergy of socialism and oxytocin could be a game changer. [dude did you just say synergy?!]

Enrollment in health care exchanges starts next Tuesday, October 1st. Coverage begins on January 1st. The good news is millions more Americans will have health insurance. [can we stop calling it insurance? insurance is something you think you might not use. we all know we are going to use healthcare.] Fair point! Millions more Americans will have healthcare and all Americans will enjoy some new benefits in the healthcare system.

Also good news is that the implementation of Obamacare is putting the full range of American stupidity and our deranged polity on display. Here is a rundown:

There is a significant statistical difference – both positive and negative – in polling based on whether or not the law is referred to as “Obamacare” or “The Affordable Care Act”; [seriously peeps, you have to read the details]

Another poll, somewhat less crazy, shows a plurality (49%) of Americans prefer Congress keep the program and its expanded coverage while a substantial minority (44%) believe the program should be repealed due to costs. [heh, I was hoping those percentages would add up to more than 100; you know some people are thinking both]

Eugene Robinson wrote a handy review of recent events and explains why the GOP is ready to blow up the government and the economy just to stop implementation of the ACA:

Republicans are afraid that Obamacare will not prove to be a bureaucratic nightmare — that Americans, in fact, will find they actually like it. The GOP fears that Obamacare will even be credited with slowing the rise of health-care costs to a more manageable rate. There are signs, in fact, that this “bending of the curve” is already taking place: Medical costs are still rising much faster than inflation but at the slowest rate in decades.

Much of the program’s success depends on young, mostly-healthy Americans enrolling in the program. [hey that’s us!] Brian Beutler has a powerful piece at Salon encouraging young folks – and everyone eligible – to enroll in the program. His story is about being shot; mine would be about getting a chronic prostate infection. [dude, TMI!] Either way, you’re never too young or too healthy to get sick or injured. Sign up!

If powerful stories of gun shots and my over-sharing aren’t enough to convince you, see if the Adorable Care Act tumblr can persuade you to enroll.

While I would like to make it all the way through this post without giving any attention at all to the whack-job Senator from Texas, I must at least acknowledge Ted Cruz’s senate-floor tantrum enough to introduce this segment from The Daily Show, wherein Jon Stewart demolishes the Bore-ax:


That’s all the curent sound and the fury about Obamacare. There are two deeper truths, one good news one not, that I believe need to be added to this list. First, the biggest game-changer in the ACA actually went into effect in 2011. Second, GOP opposition to Obamacare and everything else this twice-elected-with-a-clear-mandate President has offered is blatant, unmistakable racism.

So that’s the good, the bad, the cute, and the funny news along with the deeper truth about Obamacare today. Stay tuned for the rest of the good news this afternoon.

Enjoy your morning!

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