Look at that beautiful banner!

I finally found a high-resolution image of Diogenes [that you like, at least] to use for the banner. In the process I discovered that the image is from one of my favorite painters, Jean-Leon Gerome. [yes, yes, we love the Academics it’s true. and Monet; rhymes with “cliché”]

Here is the full image, click to be taken to the source page:

Ancient Greek dogs don’t look as impressive as Ancient Greek men, it must be said. I could go for some Diogenes fan fiction with a beagle.


So now that I’ve got a good banner image, I’m shutting down the blog. Just kidding! Well, actually I’m not kidding – this is one of the last posts I’ll be making on the blog. I think I’ve got one more Breaking Bad post, one more Good News post, and one more Quote post left in me. The shutdown is unrelated to the banner image. It’s also unrelated to the crazy fools in the House Republican caucus and their shutdown of the Federal government. [we would totally blame them if we could, though]


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