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OMGWTFBBQ! Breaking Bad Links and Discussion

Achtung! This post is spoiler free until you hit Continue Reading – then it is spoilers galore. Come on, you know you want to. [no, really you want to – spoilers should be called sweeteners, anyway] Welcome back, fellow Breaking … Continue reading

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Mega Good News, Part I: Entertainment News

Good Afternoon, readers. There is quite a bit of good news to catch up on. I decided to break it into three parts. Entertainment, of course, comes first. First and foremost, the word is in and it is good: The … Continue reading

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Kimmel 1, Twerking Apologist 0

In the wake of some Miley Cyrus performance blah blah blah, 9 million people and several major news outlets watched a youtube video of a woman twerking upside down, falling onto a candle, and combusting. The video turns out to be a hoax … Continue reading

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Mmm, crow! Breaking Bad edition

Not so long ago I dedicated a post to a dear friend, potential copyright litigant, and Breaking Bad fan. I admitted at the time: I don’t watch the show (it’s too harsh for me), but I love it as a modern … Continue reading

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